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At de matas Berlin, we celebrate design and personal style. We love innovation and support entrepreneurship. In our showrooms, both virtual and physical, we present to you collections that will inspire you.

de matas berlin

de matas Berlin was founded out of love for diversity and individual style. Slow fashion and true community is our creed. Our products are crafted with care and with an eye for timeless quality and design. Our customers and craftsmen are family and our goal is to create beauty with a keen eye on sustainability. Our two collections include:

– made-to-measure

We know that every human being is different and special. This collection is custom made for you. Starting with our capsule collection, our staff will guide each client to find that unique look for every occasion

– prêt-à-porter

We are launching our pret-a-porter collection for retailers in 2019. Our B2B customers can make appointments in our showroom throughout the year where it is possible to order seasonally or for short term delivery.


hering berlin

Stefanie Hering is a Berlin based porcelain designer who explores the possibilities of materials and glazes. Her timeless designs already belong top the classics of the industry. In the Hering Berlin master workshops in Reichenbach, Germany, the products are handmade resulting in every object being absolutely unique. We enjoy selling this one of a kind product in our concept store.


chi chi fan Hamburg

Chi Chi Fan is a Hamburg based designer. She has a refined eye for colours and form which she combines to create  leather bags in her unique minimalistic design. Her City Bag is a classic and has been around since the very beginning of the company 15 years ago. The collection has been extended to include accessoiries and the classics in special edition colours. We are proud to represent her products in our concept store.

The new opulence is a revised attitude to consumption. It is knowing that what you consume is of good quality of material and design. It is knowing that we are able to respect the environment and its resources while still enjoying creativity and beauty!